We Are InfoTechSphere




We Help Businesses To Succeed With Our Web Design, Development & Marketing Services

We Are InfoTechSphere




We do Social Media Campaigns, SEO Improvemets and revenue-driven marketing strategies for sales, leads and customer aquisition

We Are InfoTechSphere




Our focus is to develop impressive eCommerce design that function well and safe. Increase sales conversions for your online business

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We are well experienced team, our strongest asset is our experience and dedication. We love what we do and that enables us deliver successful projects.

We don’t just work for our valuable customers but we work with them step by step to achieve their business goals through our quality web designing, development and professional marketing services.

We believe in making sustainable relationship with our customers in order to get them establish their business, our goal is to provide solutions that are profitable for our valuable customers.

What We Do

Branding & Strategy

We make sure your brand establish an authority in the field of your business and follow the strategy that help your business grow higher and faster than your competition.

Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing experts have been providing great value to our customers from Google Ads, FB Ads and all other social platform services from small to large businesses.

eCommerce Development

We build ground breaking shopping websites and stores using best ecommerce platforms available. Our expert developers ensure flawless user experience to engage your customers.

Search Engine Optimization

We offer Professional SEO & online positioning services. Whatever your business is, we will help you to rank high on top search engines fast. We do organic and paid SEO.

Shopify Store

We are experts in Developing and Designing Shopify Stores from Scratch. Sell more product with proven World’s best eCommerce platform and excel in your business with ease.


We provide professional support to our customers whenever they want, you will find us standing with you during the time you need any technical support and best suggestions related to your business.


We offer our extensive services for branding, market research & analysis using our success strategy to lead generation. Based on our experience in the field of online marketing.

Website Designing

Every business, customer and every website is different. We know that and we work out of the box to come up with unique & creative web design that suits to your brand

WordPress Designing

We build WordPress websites that are fast, secure and easy to manage. Our experienced WordPress developers take a holistic approach for your specific needs

eCommerce & Marketing

We create tailored solutions to deliver inspiring digital experiences. We grow businesses from start-ups to multi-nationals, our approach is collaborative. We share our knowledge, ideas, insights and passion with our work. Whether you come to us for eCommerce, branding, digital marketing or SEO, a social media campaign or paid media management we work with you as your digital partner. We listen to you and we find the way to translate your vision into reality, build and retain your audience.

Our talented digital team works across technologies including WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Drupal and BigCommerce to design and deliver high-conversion eCommerce. We build well-crafted websites that move your customer through to purchase. We are expert in branding, copywriting, content production and marketing.

Connect with every Platform

Today access to internet is available through different shape and size of devices, we make websites which is responsive so visitors can access it through any device anywhere.

Social media is an important tool to do business today and we carefully integrate it with websites we build in order to communicate and bring success to your business.


The Work

We do…

  • Brand Identity
  • Website Design & Development
  • E-commerce functionality
  • SEO & Analytics
  • Social Media Integration
  • Fixing bugs and Redesigning
  • Web Hosting
  • Support Services

Our Approach


It All start with a great idea. Do contact us today to discuss your business idea with our expert team to get expert suggessions

More Info

Conceptualization Stage

PurposeTo provide information, Promote a service, Sell a product…?

Goals – What to accomplish by building this website? Make money, Share information or Branding 

Target Audience –  Targeting specific group of people their demography, interests or brand awareness

Content – What information you want to provide, a particular product, service, online offerings…?


Our team will prepare web design mockup and present you for your review and approval. We produce creative designs that works

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 Planning Stage

Sitemap – Site structuring number of pages to be made, list of topics, area of site, categories, navigation

Wireframe – Structuring the site in a way to shows the look and feel of the final website before actually creating it

Technology – Select the right technology stack to build website like HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, WordPress, Magento, Shopify 

ContentImages, videos & articles placement


Once the designs are approved and our customer is fully satisfied with our offer, we do quality development during this phase

More Info

 Development Stage

Coding – Actual creation process of a website starts here

Technical – Using the right tools with right technology, functionality and keeping scalability in mind

Creation – Creation of navigation, body, sidebars, footers and other parts of a website. Adding functionalities like forms, shopping carts, product filters

Verification – Verification with customer for their suggestions and consent

Quality Test

After development, we go for thorough testing to ensure bug free solution before going live

More Info

Testing and Review

Testing – Testing the created websites to make sure all components are at its right place and working as expected

Review – Keep testing and reviewing the website to make sure the website is  behaving the way it should

Confirmation – Making sure that it contains all the required pages, modules and sections and works on all browsers

Verification – Verification with customer for their approval


The website or the application is completed with all its functionality and ready to go live

More Info

Launching the Website

Domain – Give a name to your website, if it is not decided yet, it is time to do that

Hosting – Hosting your website to online server so it is aceessible to your visitors 24×7. We provide hosting service as well

Uploading – Uploading the webiste to live server with the help of FTP program using user name and password

Verification – Verify the webiste is uploaded completely and functioning as expected

Review & Improve

We will monitor performance of your website after launch and make necessary changes required

More Info

Maintain and Improve

Backup – Backing up a website is a crucial, we provide backup service with our hosting plan automatic as well as manual backup is recommended

Fix bugs – Finding bugs and fixing it is an important part and create analysis report

Update – In order to run website smoothly and securely it is important keep it up-to-date, manual & automatic

Integrating Social Media – Integrate Social Media with your website and test

Success Stories

“We are happy with results we receive because InfoTechSphere understood our goals and delivered on their promises. The team is available almost 24/7 via email, phone and text.”

Richard Brooke

Head of Marketing, AACSB

“Our traffic and sales have been going up, customer that have been with us for years love the easier flow of the website and the look & feeling of it. InfoTechSphere do everything possible to help us”

Sara Becker

Founder & CEO, ACCU Tech

“The results were phenomenal. We’re so incredibly thankful to InfoTechSphere and would highly recommend them to anyone seeking the best of the best, their support were awesome “beyond the expectation.”

John Ledwith

Head of Design, Excenture Designs

eCommerce Expertise

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